The installation “Out of business – not out of mind”, in memory of 33 disappeared shops/stores. The bags are connected with thin nylon threads to the ceiling. They seem to float in the air.

At the same time it has a more positive side: the disappearance of the plastic shopper. A small contribution to a better environment.

Material used: plastic, filling material, buttons, wire.

I made this installation, in order to be sure that the ‘lost’ shops will be remembered, I have sewn, knitted, smocked, weaved, melted and manipulated the plastic shoppers in various forms.

The to be remembered stores are a.o.: V&D, Maison de Bonneterie, Metz&Co, Polare, Van Leest, Super de Boer, C1000, Megapool, KingsAlmarkt, Free Record Shop, Mexx, Léon, Koot, Vogele, Edah, Mitra, Dixons, ECI, Komar, Scheer&Foppens, The Phone House, HoutBrox, Dirx, and Marewa.