About skullcaps

One can find a multitude of different skullcaps. The religious men will wear mostly black ones, whereas others prefer more colorful shapes.
In fact one can design skullcaps forever without making two of the same.
The religious people will mostly prefer textile ones within the halacha tradition.
The more liberal Jews tend to find a more up-to-date skullcap, sometimes made of fiber.
I started to experiment with all kind of material, from glass, grass, rubber, copper, plastics, newspaper clippings and dried potato peelings. But I also worked with more traditional material, such as silk, cotton, wool and polyester.
Prices between € 95,- and € 375,-. All unica.

The skullcap installation I showed in various exhibitions tells about the position of the women in an orthodox synagogue. They have to sit in the gallery above or behind a curtain and will look down at the men who are busy with their service, without having an active part in this service. With this installation I want to express with all the different skullcaps the many different views among Jews. Women may walk through the moving skullcaps that hang at a bare thread. The men has to wait behind a curtain.