About textile

In the Netherlands the acquisition of Judaica is rather traditional as far as material and design are concerned. I have attempted to defy tradition by using all sorts of contemporary fibers (such as glass, grass, brass, plastics, newspapers, potato peelings, but also silks and cottons), redefining categories while remaining just within the confines of the permissible. Yet I never lose sight of the fact that design need not only be beautiful but also practical, halachically (jewish law) acceptable and – if at all possible – multifunctional as well.

I also design installations of judaica items, seen from a feministic point of view. I prefer to design objects especially for women.

My work hs been purchased by private collectors in and outside The Netherlands. It may also be found in the collections of several museums,including The Jewish Historical Museum Amsterdam, The Israel Museum Jerusalem, The Jewish Museum New York, The Jüdischer Museum Berlin. My work appeared on national television in AVRO’s Kunstblik in 1998.