This parokhet is a reflection of the glass-stained windows in the Synagoge and parts of the architecture of the building (Amsterdamse School style).

On the frontside two appliquéd lions with the coat of arms of the city of Bussum.

The Hebrew text means: Stay away from evil and act right. Look for peace and follow this road. The value of the numbers is the year 5778, the year of the hundreth anniversary of the synagoge.

The filled lines suggest the togetherness between the members of this community. The elements of the mechitzah (the frame that divides the women from the men) are used to make the men aware – when standing in front of the Ark – of the important part women play in Judaism.

Material used: Silk, cotton, polyeter and filling material

Technique used: stitching by hand and machine, embroidery, appliqué.