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skullcap prime minister Mark Rutte (outside)

This skullcap was especially designed for prime minister Mark Rutte. On the outside one can see pictures of the prime ministers working environment, such as the Parliament, coat of arms, text of the national anthem and some paintings of famous Dutch painters. On the inside one sees a montage of Dutch tiles. The edging is… Read more »

Keppel van minister Mark Rutte (binnenzijde)

This skullcap has been especially designed for Dutch Prime Minister Mark Rutte on the occasion of his visit to Israel. The inside is a collage of Dutch Delft tiles. The skullcap is trimmed in colours of the Dutch flag, red-white-blue with an orange rim.

Skullcap installation Nieuwe Kerk Amsterdam

Vitrine tijdens tentoonsteling in nieuwe kerk Amsterdam - Jet Naftaniel

Installation of 33 different skullcaps during the big exhibition  “Judaism, a world full of stories” in the Nieuwe Kerk te Amsterdam, 15th december 2011 – 15th april 2012. As many skullcaps as different views within Judaism.

skullcaps installation ‘from the women’s gallery’

Keppelinstallatie 'van de vrouwengalerij From the women's gallery (installation with moving kippot) - Jet Naftaniel

40 different skullcaps hanging on thin threads from the ceiling. A white place surrounded by a curtain. The skullcaps are moving slowly on the rythm of synagogal music. As if the men are concentrating on the service and the women are looking down from the gallery above. Each skullcap represents a different view. Women are… Read more »

Lace skullcap

Kantkeppel - lacekippa - Jet Naftaniel

Old lace, silk and cotton. Embroidered by hand. Private collection

Bonneterie skullcap

Bonneteriekeppel - kippa made out of plastic shoppingbags - Jet Naftaniel

Braided pieces of shopping bags of Maison de Bonneterie, a famous store in Amsterdam that had to close its doors a few years ago. Inside print of shop interior

Copper-thread skullcap

Koperdraad keppel - Jet Naftaniel

Messing thread, crocheted. Also in the collections of the Jewish Museum New York and the Jüdischer Museum Berlin.

coffee cup skullcap

Koffiecupjes keppel - kippa made of coffeecups - Jet Naftaniel

Flattened coffeecups, elastic band and linchpins.

Thread skullcap

Draadkeppel - kippa with threads - Jet Naftaniel

Plastics with multicoloured threads inside

Rubber skullcap

Rubber keppel - kippa - Jet Naftaniel

rubber triangles, sewn with copper threads Also in the collection of the Jewish Museum New York and Jüdischer Museum Berlin