Month: August 2018

Barmitswah Tallitbag- frontside(2018)

This tallit bag has been made on the occasion of the barmitswah of Amitai Kater. (14 okt. 2017). A prominent Alef and A has been appliquéd on the frontside, between waves of water. Amitai is an enthusiastic diver. Material used: cotton, silk, viscose and filling material Technique used: Stitching by hand and  machine, embroidery and… Read more »

Barmitswah tallitbag – backside (2018)

This is the backside of the tallitbag made for on the occasion of the barmitswah of Amitai Kater. Symbols for the shabbat has been appliquéd. The inside has been lined with newspaper clippings (printed on textile) of what happened in the world on  the day of his barmitswah. Material used: cotton, silk, viscose, filling material…. Read more »

Parokhet (curtain in front of the Ark) Synagoge Bussum (2018)

This parokhet is a reflection of the glass-stained windows in the Synagoge and parts of the architecture of the building (Amsterdamse School style). On the frontside two appliquéd lions with the coat of arms of the city of Bussum. The Hebrew text means: Stay away from evil and act right. Look for peace and follow… Read more »

sefer cloth Synagoge Bussum (2018)

A sefer cloth (covering the torah scrolls between reading) with a reflection of the glass-stained windows. In the middle torah scrolls have been applicated. Lined with heavy – non slipping – fabric. Material used: cotton, silk, polyeter. Technique used: hand and machine stitching, embroidery, appliqué.  

Bima cloth Synagoge Bussum (2018)

Cloth to cover the bima (table on which the torah scrolls are laying). The borders are a reflection of the glass-stained windows of the synagoge, made in appliqué. In the middle two small lions holding the Decalogue. Lined with heavy – non slipping – fabric. Material used: Cotton, silk, polyeter and filling material. Technique used:… Read more »

Lectern cloth Synagoge Bussum (2018)

Lectern cloth with elements of the Mechitzah and glass-stained windows of the synagoge. Material used: cotton, silk and polyester. Technique used: sewn by hand and machine, application and embroidery.  (0,71m/0,47m.)

purse Maison de Bonneterie

A remembrance of the famous Amsterdam store Maison de Bonneterie. The purse has been smocked and made of an old plastic shopper with the company logo. Material used:: plastic, cotton. Technique: smockwork, stichting. Lined. With silver colored chain.

multicoloured folded coffeecups necklace

Necklace made of folded coffeecups, connected with elastic. Material used: aluminium, silicone elastic, tiny glass beads. Materiaal: aluminium, siliconen elastiek, kleine glaskraaltjes.